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SCC.140: Creative Technology

Department: Computing and Communications (School of) NCF Level: FHEQ/QCF/NQF4//RQF4
Study Level: Part I Credit Points: 20.0
Start Date: 06-10-2014 End Date: 22-05-2015
Available for Online Enrolment?: Y Enrolment Restriction: Only available to students majoring in delivering department
Module Convenor: Dr L Blair

Syllabus Rules and Pre-requisites

Curriculum Design: Outline Syllabus


    The Creative Industries are often concerned with providing an experience to a user through a product or service. This course will provide and introduction to how user experience design can and should be incorporated within the software product life cycle. In particular it will present the different stages of the process: Creating Prototypes (profiling the user and the context of use relative to a particular platform, the role of the prototype, paper, software (e.g.Flowella), hardware (e.g. arduino)), Interaction Design (e.g. its role, affordances, wire framing), Graphical Design (Colours, Icons, Typography, information visualisation), Evaluation (quick and dirty, heuristics, ethnography).
    The course will provide practicals and projects that will develop these skills alongside the learning how they would be contemporary platforms for applications. Examples of these platforms include PC, tablets, mobiles, etc). These practical’s will initial provide the core web development skills (html, CSS, javascript and Flash) and then apply these on a cross platform design.

Curriculum Design: Pre-requisites/Co-requisites/Exclusions

  • SCC110 (or equivalent prior learning)

Curriculum Design: Single, Combined or Consortial Schemes to which the Module Contributes


    BSc IT For Creative Industries

  • 40% Exam
  • 60% Coursework

Assessment: Details of Assessment


    Assessment will be through an Exam that will test understanding of all aspects of the module using structured and essay questions. Laboratory exercises consisting of problems completed in the practical projects based around web and flash development and design exercises

Educational Aims: Subject Specific: Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

    The aim of the course is to introduce the students to an experience design driven software development process as might be applied within the creative industries. Awareness and basic understanding of contemporary platforms for user centred application.

Educational Aims: General: Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

  • - Analyse a given problem and produce multiple potential solutions, taking into account both technical and user centered requirements.
    - Develop and evaluate simple user centered application using contemporary platforms.
    - Understand and appreciate the need for a systematic design process, yet apply agile techniques.

Learning Outcomes: Subject Specific: Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

  • On successful completion of the course students should be able to appreciate the role of and user experience design approach within a software product lifecycle and knowledge of fundamentals of the individual components: prototyping, interaction design, graphic design, and evaluation.
    The students will also gain practical experience of web development and flash animation and how to apply user experience design within their development process

Learning Outcomes: General: Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

  • On successful completion of this module students will be able to...
    - Analyse a given problem and produce multiple potential solutions.
    - Undertake reasoned analysis of system.
    - Follow and understand a systematic process.

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