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AC.F333: Dissertation

Department: Accounting and Finance NCF Level: FHEQ/QCF/NQF6//RQF6
Study Level: Part II (yr 3) Credit Points: 30.0
Start Date: 28-09-2017 End Date: 25-05-2018
Available for Online Enrolment?: N Enrolment Restriction: Only available to students where listed in programme syllabus rules
Module Convenor: Mrs CB Pilkington

Syllabus Rules and Pre-requisites

  • Prior to AC.F333, the student must have successfully completed:

Curriculum Design: Outline Syllabus


    The dissertation will require students to address:-

    ·       Issues in the theory and practice of Auditing, covered during study of AcF 211 (Accounting Information Systems and Auditing)

    ·       Issues arising from the student’s practical audit experience with EY, and

    ·       Detailed research into a topic or topic(s) to be agreed with academic supervisors.


    The dissertation shall have a length in the range of 10,000 to 12,000 words (equivalent to approx. 45-50 pages A4, one-and-half spaced).

Curriculum Design: Pre-requisites/Co-requisites/Exclusions

  • To be available exclusively to students of the proposed sandwich degree proposal, BSc (Hons) Accounting, Auditing and Finance.

Curriculum Design: Single, Combined or Consortial Schemes to which the Module Contributes

  • (a)        as a core/compulsory module –

    BSc (Hons) Accounting, Auditing and Finance only.

                (b)        as an optional modules – None.

  • 100% Dissertation

Assessment: Details of Assessment

  • Available to EY Degree students only, this module helps you to integrate your university study of Accounting and/or Auditing with your practical experience of these areas. The dissertation requires you to address issues in the theory and practice of auditing and issues arising from what you have learnt through your placement experience. You are also expected to conduct detailed research into a topic or topics to be agreed with your academic supervisors.

Educational Aims: Subject Specific: Knowledge, Understanding and Skills


    The educational aims and objectives are for students to:


    ·            Benefit from the integration of university study and work experience in ways that facilitate critical reflection on each in the light of the other.

    ·            Describe their practical understanding of auditing, as applied and reinforced during placement with EY.

    ·            Be able to describe clearly and concisely the application of knowledge in auditing to particular projects during their placement with EY, and relate this to issues in the theory and practice of auditing.

    ·            Develop the ability to share their work experiences and evaluations with their peers, and with academic staff, in order to gain more from their final year of study and to assist others to do likewise.

    ·            Increase their knowledge of the broad nature of an accounting career.

Educational Aims: General: Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

  • TBC

Learning Outcomes: Subject Specific: Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

  • After completing the course, students should:


    • Demonstrate a high level of research skills and written communication skills

    • Appreciate the interplay between the theory and practice of accounting and auditing

    • Appreciate the interplay between theory and evidence in the creation of scholarly knowledge

    • Have a good appreciation of the treatment and concepts of the financial accounting and auditing issues chosen for the dissertation title.

    • Be able to communicate their understanding of the academic perspectives of reporting and auditing issues.


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