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Resource and Environmental Management

MSc (Full Time)

UCAS Code:none
Minimum Length:12 Month(s)
Maximum Length:12 Month(s)
Credit Points:180
Director of Studies:Dr NM Watson

Educational Aims: Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

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This MSc degree aims to provide students with advanced knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices that are relevant to the broad field of resource and environmental management. Drawing from research within the social and natural sciences, the programme enables students to critically examine complex environmental issues and challenges from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives, and to be able to relate their knowledge to policy making and management practices. The knowledge, skills and understandings developed through the programme will prepare students for professional careers in environmental policy, planning, management and other closely related areas.   

Learning Outcomes: Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

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Subject Specific: Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

  • Have been exposed to significant debates and theoretical arguments/perspectives related to the management of the environment and natural resources
  • Be able to think critically about the nature and management challenges that stem from human-environment interactions
  • Be able to find, engage with and utilise relevant literatures related to both research and practice through written work and group debates and discussions
  • Have an in-depth appreciation and understanding of the different methods, tools and approaches that can be used within resource and environmental management, and critical awareness of their various strengths and limitations
  • Be able to relate their knowledge and understanding to policy questions and practical problem-solving within the environmental field

 General: Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

On successful completion of this scheme of study, students will:

  • Be able to think critically and engage in constructive debates around important questions and controversies.
  • Have an understanding of decision making and decision makers operating in complex situations and environments.
  • Have a critical appreciation of the role of uncertainty, change, complexity and conflict in organisational environments and operations.
  • Be able to develop reasoned argument, synthesize and analyse information, and to express their ideas both verbally and in writing.
  • Have gained insights and experiences that will support them in developing professional careers inside and outside the environmental field
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