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Geography / North America

BSc Hons (Full Time)

UCAS Code:F802
Minimum Length:3 Year(s)
Credit Points:360
Part II Weight:8
Part II Year 2 Weight:4
Part II Year 3 Weight:4
Part II Year 4 Weight:0
Director of Studies:Dr AM Folkard

Educational Aims: Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

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      To provide a flexible but structured training in Geography which will provide students with knowledge and understanding appropriate for subject-specific graduate employment

-         To develop key transferable skills to prepare students for more general graduate employment

-         To develop the intellectual and practical skills necessary for progression to postgraduate research and training

-         To encourage academic curiosity which will prepare students for lifelong learning

-         To offer a choice of modules which will give students experience across the spectrum of Geography

-         To offer students the opportunity to conduct a substantial research project

Learning Outcomes: Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

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At the end of the BA Geography (USA or Canada) degree students will have:


  • Covered key aspects of human, physical and environmental geography and of the intellectual development of the subject;
  • Have developed an understanding of physical and human geography in the context of N American society and environment;
  • Experienced research-informed teaching particularly in Year 3, and appreciated the real-world uses of geography as a subject;
  • Developed geographical skills at various levels;
  • Studied advanced aspects of human, physical and environmental geography in Part II
  • Developed their ability to learn;
  • Developed a wide range of transferable intellectual and key skills at various levels;

Structure, Features and Regulations: Compulsory and Optional Modules

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Part 1: Students must take Double Geography (GEOG170/GEOG171 (Human and Physical Geography) plus one other Part 1 course. GEOG170/GEOG171 comprises the following modules: LEC.101, LEC.102, LEC.103, GEOG104 and GEOG105 plus one of either ENV.115 or EBIO105.


Part 2, year 2:

Students spend their entire second year at a university in the USA or Canada. Modules are selected prior to departure in consultation with the Director of Studies for study abroad schemes in Lancaster. As far as possible selected modules will be of a level and scope equivalent to those that would have been taken in Lancaster. The second year contributes four units as in the standard Lancaster degree.


Part 2 year 3:

Students must take Geog 301 (one unit dissertation)

Students choose three more units of teaching from the geography modules on offer.  Students may take up to one unit in a cognate subject studies in year two.

Students on the BA Geography (USA or Canada) course are expected to draw the majority of their final year courses from human/environmental modules

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