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Computer Science (Study Abroad)

BSc Hons (Full Time)

UCAS Code:G402
Minimum Length:3 Year(s)
Credit Points:360
Part II Weight:8
Part II Year 2 Weight:4
Part II Year 3 Weight:4
Part II Year 4 Weight:0
Director of Studies:Dr AJ Friday

Educational Aims: Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

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This new scheme is a variation of our current BSc Hons Computer Science (G400) and as such covers the same general and subject-specific educational aims plus additional aims that are specific to the international nature of the scheme.

General Educational Aims

The scheme intends to develop the students' transferable skills necessary for working within team-based, professional environments. Through its compulsory second year abroad the scheme intends to provide students with an understanding of another culture and society and foster greater mobility and self-confidence. It aims at creating wider career prospects for students by broadening their personal horizons and cultural awareness.

Subject Specific

As for BSc Hons Computer Science (G400), teaching and learning takes place within the context of the Computing Department's international reputation for research excellence. The overall aim of our programme is to provide students with the knowledge and skills required by a Computing professional. In particular, the programme aims to develop graduates equipped to work effectively in a professional software and systems development environment and at all stages of the product life-cycle.

The programme is geared to satisfying these objectives in a scheme of study that stresses the development and practical application of knowledge and skills.

Learning Outcomes: Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

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On completion of their degree students should be able to:

Subject Specific:
  • explain and understand of the fundamental principles underpinning the field of Computing (G400);
  • appreciate and identify the most significant contemporary developments in practice and technology (G400);
  • respond positively to evolution of the discipline throughout the course of their career (G400);
  • apply the critical, analytical and problem-solving skills needed by a practising Computing professional (G400);
  • satisfy the requirements for accreditation by the BCS and IEE (G400).
  • work within international, team-based, professional environments;
  • appreciate, understand and work with a foreign culture and society.

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